Privacy Policy

We only collect minimal information about your browser and your device so that our website knows how to show you the best version of our website for your device. Our website will ask your browser to create small pieces of code on your computer called cookies, these cookies act as a reminder for your browser to make navigation easier.

You can disable cookies saved by your browser whenever you want to – just search on Google (or another search engine) for “browser cookie controls” and follow the instructions for your browser.

We also use code from Google for something called analytics, this code allows us to see how your found our website and where you came from to get to our website.

The data you share via cookies does not identify you in any way and as such is not personal data.

The only time you send us data which we can use to contact you is via our secure contact form, the data from this form is sent via a U.K based server and will only ever be used by us to help you with your enquiries.

We do not share your data with anybody else and we never will.