Kevs Vans has been providing removal, delivery and house clearance services for over 10 years.

We have grown a lot over the years and we now have a team of 3 men with 2 vans. One of the reasons we are successful is because we care about what we do. From a simple delivery to a house move or a house clearance we take the time to make sure you the customer are our number one priority. We also take pride in our work and what other people call “going the extra mile” we consider part of the job on every job.

If we think we can make your move, relocation or house clearance easier in any way – we make it easier. Clearly part of our job is to liaise with you and make sure we are available as arranged and our punctuality is one of the key things we pride ourselves on.

We like to make sure our customers come back and use our services again, and you can see from our customer references and reviews that we do the very best we can to make sure that happens regularly. We even take apart your furniture and re assemble if you need us to !

What we do is important to us as our business is a family business which we are extremely proud of.

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